Lesson 3 : Learn to read and write ட ப ம

In this lesson, we will start with three Tamil consonants, ட் ப் ம், and their consonantal vowels, ட ப ம. We start with these letters simply because it is very easy to write them.

When we combine the vowel அ (which has the sound as in arrive, cut) with the consonants ட், ப் and ம், we get the consonantal vowels ட, ப, and ம respectively.


Refer to the table below to learn about the pronunciation and examples. Click on each letter to hear it read out for you.

Letter Type Combination Equivalent English pronunciation
ட் Consonant - cut, put
Consonantal vowel ட் + அ tub, button
ப் Consonant - shop, cup
Consonantal vowel ப் + அ punch, power
ம் Consonant - mum, poom
Consonantal vowel ம் + அ mummy, much


Primarily, these letters are made up of staright lines. Just start from the top left, continue downwards and left to right. You should finish writing a letter without lifting the pen from the paper. Look at the animations below that shows you how to write each letter.

Write in Tamil

Write in Tamil

Write in Tamil


You have learnt how to read and write your first six Tamil letters (ட் ப் ம் ட ப ம) in this lesson. Now, it is time to practice. Before proceeding to the next lesson, download the exercises given below for this lesson and practice.

Download Reading practice exercise
Download Writing practice exercise

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