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Welcome to Tamilcube.com, your one-stop portal for popular modern dictionaries and authentic online resources for rich languages of India, Asia and beyond. We offer you comprehensive free dictionaries and language resources in many Indian and Asian languages including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Sanskrit and Marathi. We are Singapore’s leading translation service provider with more than 15 years of experience. We provide you high quality translation service and also publish text books and guides.

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Organising School Programmes

  • Tamilcube organises School programmes including Tamil language and cultural programmes such as Speech and Drama, Book Fair, etc.

Teacher Training

  • With a vast experience in the fields of pre-school and primary school teaching and learning, Tamilcube conducts Teacher Training Courses to Singapore Tamil teachers.

Online dictionaries in major Indian languages

Online dictionaries in major asian languages

Baby Names

  • Tamil baby names : Popular unique Tamil names for boys and girls with numerology and meaning.
  • Sanskrit baby names : Selected modern Sanskrit names for boys and girls with meaning and numerology.

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Competitive exams practice tests online

Practice online tests on General Knowledge, Logical reasoning, Verbal reasoning, Non-verbal reasoning, Arithmetic reasoning and Math olympiad for competitive exams and placement tests such as UPSC and TNPSC. The general knowledge questions are also available in Tamil and Hindi languages.

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Free Jathagam horoscope

Tamil Panchangam and Calendar

  • Tamil calendar : Free online Tamil calendar with Nalla neram, festivals and holidays