Tamilcube translator - Help

This translation / transliteration tool is very easy to use. However, we provide you some simple tips for making this tool more useful to you.

Typing in a local language : Simply start typing in English phonetically, and the words you type get converted into your language after any word-breaking character like a space, comma, etc. is typed.

Edit : To edit a word you already typed, press the backspace key. Now, a set of related words will be displayed. You can select one of them.

Save : To save the document you have typed, click the "Select All" icon. Then, you can do a copy and paste into any of the Editors such as Microsoft Word and save the document.

Print : For printing the document, simply click the "Print" icon.

From this English to translation tool, you can copy and paste thes words into your email messages such as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail, or blogs, or Facebook, or Twitter, or into any editor such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.