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Baby Name English meaning
Haadee Leader; guide; Allah’s attribute
Haady Guiding to the right
Haafiz Guardian; Preserver; one who commits the entire Qur'aan to memory.
Haajarah Name of the beloved mother of Ismaa’eel (Alayhis salaam)
Haalah A crescent-shaped ear-ring
Haamid One who Praises and glorifies Allah
Haamid Praising (God), Loving (God)
Haani Happy, Delighted, Content
Haaris Ploughman; planter.
Haarith Plowman, Old Arabic name
Haaroon A Prophet's name
Haaroon Chief; protector; guard; the wealth of the entire universe
Haashim Generosity
Haashim Name of the Prophet's grandfather, Old Arabic name
Haashim One who smashes or breaks anything to pieces
Haashir Gatherer.
Haatim Judge
Haaziq Intelligent, Skillfull.
Habeeb Beloved, friend; Rasoolullah's sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam attribute name of a sahaabi (RA).
Habeebullah Beloved of Allah.
Habib Beloved.
Habis A narrator of Hadith.
Hadee Director, guide.
Hadi Guide.
Hafeez Guardian; protector; an epithet applied to Allahu Ta'aalaa.
Hafid The wise one.
Hafiz Protector, guardian.
Hafs The offspring of a loin; also name of an Imaam of Qiraaat
Hafs Lion, Young of Lion.
Haidar A loin that mauls its prey to pieces; title of Ali radhiyallahu­anhu.

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