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Baby Name English meaning
Faadhil An accomplished person; virtue and knowledge.
Faaiz Successful, Prosperous, Victories.
Faakhir Excellent; precious; honourable.
Faakhir Proud, Excellent
Faaris Horseman, Knight
Faaris Horseman, Knight.
Faarooq He who distinguishes truth from falsehood
Faarooq One who distinguishes between right and wrong; title of Umar (RA)
Faaz Victorius, successful.
Fadhl Excellence; virtue; superiority; extra; grace; bounty, wisdom.
Fadi Redeemer
Fadi Redeemer.
Fadil Honourable, outstanding.
Fadl Outstanding, Honorable
Fadl Reward, favour.
Fadl Ullah The excellence of God
Faeq Surpassing, excellent.
Fahad Lynx
Fahad Lynx, wild cat.
Fahd Lynx.
Faheem Intelligent; learned.
Faheem Intelligent.
Fahim U ndrestanding, clever, wise.
Fahmi Understanding.
Fahyim Very Clever.
Faidh Generosity; grace; favour; beneficience; abundance.
Faik Surpassing, excellent, leader.
Faiq Superior, Ascendant, Outstanding.
Faisal An impartial judge; an arbitrator.
Faisal Decisive

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