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Baby Name English meaning
Ra'eesah Leader; chief; princess; a noble lady; a wealthy lady.
Raadhiyah Pleased; happy; contented.
Raaida Leader
Raameen Obedient.
Raashidah Pious; righteous; follower of the right path.
Raawiya Transmitter (of ancient Arabic poetry)
Rabab White cloud
Rabab White cloud.
Rabail A veil of flowers.
Rabbiya Cool breeze of spring season.
Rabee'ah Abounding in green foliage.
Rabeea Garden
Rabeea Springtime, garden.
Rabia Spring, Springtime.
Rabitah Bond, tie.
Rabiya Princess, Queen
Radeyah Content, satisfied.
Radhia Pleasant, satisfied.
Radhiyaa Content; Satisfied
Radhiyyah Pleased; delighted; contented.
Radhwa Name of mountain in Medina
Raeesah Princess; Noble lady.
Rafa Happiness; Prosperity
Rafeeqah Friend; associate; companion; a soft - and kind-hearted lady.
Rafeeqah Friend; Soft-hearted.
Rafee’ah High; sublime; exalted; a lady of honour and nobility.
Rafia High, Sublime.
Rafiah High, sublime, exquisite.
Rafida Gift.
Rafiqah Friend, companion.

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