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Tamilcube Learning Centre is the largest private Tamil education provider in Singapore with three branches. We have coached several hundreds of children and adults in learning and speaking Tamil. Here, you can see what the parents of Tamilcube students have to say about the interactive, hands on and intensive coaching offered.

❝My daughter enjoys the interactive Tamilcube class so much so that she herself recommends it to all her friends!❞
- Mrs Anu, Parent of K1 student.

❝My daughter has done very well in PSLE exam and achieved A*. Thanks to Tamilcube for the excellent intensive coaching!❞
- Mrs Vanitha, Parent of PSLE student.

❝My daughter enjoys attending Tamilcube class and the hands on activities. Her spoken Tamil has greatly improved!❞
- Dr Nathan, Parent of K1 student.

❝My sons never miss any Tamilcube class. Their interest in learning Tamil has gone up a lot!❞
- Mr Shanmugam, Parent of P2/P3 students.

❝We do not speak Tamil at home. After joining Tamilcube tuition, my daughter is the topper in class in Tamil!❞
- Mr Mohan, Parent of P1 student.

❝My son never liked to go to any tuition class. Tamilcube is the first centre he liked and enjoys attending!❞
- Mrs Vijaya, Parent of Secondary 4 student.

❝We migrated from New Zealand. My children had no knowledge of Tamil. Tamilcube greatly helped in briging them in par with the local curriculum. Now, they are doing very well in school.❞
- Mr Shabesh, Parent of Primary 3 student.

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