Tamil tuition at Tamilcube Learning Centre - Terms and conditions


  1. All classes are subject to minimum numbers. The Centre reserves the right to cancel the classes where minimum numbers are not met or to alter the fees or schedule and duration of classes.
  2. Parents are advised to drop and pick up their children on time in person for their safety.
  3. Parents and students of TamilCube Learning Centre should treat the staff and property of the centre with respect. Disciplinary action will be taken by the centre in the case of misconduct by the student.
  4. The centre may use the students’ photographs, videos, voice, written works and art works in any social platform, academic portfolio, printed document and in any promotional platform.
  5. The centre will use parents’ mobile number as the primary source of communication.
  6. The centre will take all the necessary precautions to keep the students safe and secure. The centre will not be held responsible for any injury or loss of property or belongings of the students.


  1. Fees will be collected on a term basis or monthly basis. Payment by monthly basis is available only for GIRO payment. For term basis, payment can be made by cash, NETS, cheque, online / ATM transfer or GIRO. There will be a total of four terms per year. Fees must be paid on or before the first class of every term / month. Fee should be paid at the latest before the second lesson, failing which a late payment fee of $10 per month will be imposed.
  2. Parents are recommended to pay fees through GIRO for their convenience.
  3. Upon enrolment, a refundable deposit will be collected by the centre which will be refunded within three weeks from the date of completion of the course.
  4. Material fees will be collected by the centre annually.


  1. Student attendance for all the classes is a must, unless any medical or unavoidable reasons. Not more than two makeup classes will be offered in and within the month. There is strictly no discount or refund for any missed classes.
  2. Classes cancelled by teachers (due to unavoidable reasons), will be made up later in terms of agreement between teachers and student.
  3. The centre is closed on all public holidays and school holidays. No compensation classes will be provided for those days.


    The deposit will be forfeited for the following reasons:
  1. Your child fails to take up their reserved place in a class.
  2. We do not receive a notice of withdrawal from the next term, in writing, by the period indicated. Please see ‘NOTICE OF WITHDRAWAL’.
  3. Your child is withdrawn during the current term.
  4. Your child is absent for the first two weeks of term without notification. If no notification has been received by this time, we will assume that you wish to withdraw him/her from the programme. However, we will hold your child’s place if you have paid the fees in full for the term. If notice of withdrawal has been received within the given period, we will refund the deposit three weeks after the end of that term.


  1. Your child’s place in any programme enrolled is automatically reserved for the next term unless we receive a notice of intent to withdraw. Notice of withdrawal must be received, in writing, by the end of Week 7 of each term. Please fill up and submit the un-enrolment form.


  1. The date and timings for the one-to-one classes must be discussed with the concerned teacher in advance before the start of the course, and should be adhered to until the end of the course.
  2. The class will start on time as scheduled. Punctuality is a must. Any last-minute change will not be accepted and the class will be considered as taken.
  3. Any changes in the date and timings must be informed before one week prior to the class date. There will not be any make up classes offered for any missed classes.
  4. For online classes, parent should avoid any interruption during the class. If discussion with the teacher is required, it can be had immediately before or after the class.
  5. The Centre reserves the right to cancel the class and refund any fees already paid in unavoidable circumstances such as a qualified teacher is not available.