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PSLE Tamil composition workshop

Tamilcube Learning Centre conducts intensive PSLE Tamil composition workshops catered to equip the students with the skills and knowledge to achieve high scores. These workshops will be immensely helpful to Primary 5 and Primary 6 students. These workshops will help to hone your skills and knowledge on important areas such as creative writing, using suitable vocabulary and phrases and more.

Primary 5/ PSLE Tamil composition Workshop venue

The workshop is offered at the following Tamilcube Learning Centres. They are located at very convenient locations close to MRT stations.
Branch locations: Little India | Jurong East |

What can you expect?

P5/PSLE Tamil compo workshop:
  • Activity and game based workshop that helps in rapid learning
  • Blended learning using the World's first Tamil ELearning Platform
  • Small group of participants
  • Conducted by MOE experienced local teachers
  • Excellent revision materials provided (printed and online)
  • Extensive practice and exam tips to face Tamil composition exams with confidence

Time Schedule

The next workshop is conducted during November-December period. It consists of 6 sessions (one session per week) that are conducted on Fridays and weekends. The programme starts on the first week of November 2016.

Branch location and holiday programme time schedule: Little India | Jurong East


❝ My son said that the workshop was very useful to him, and more than what he expected. He feels material is very good for him to revise. ❞
- Mrs. Sathya, Mother of P6 student from a top school.

❝ My daughter came for the PSLE workshop, and she found it extremely helpful for her. I could tell she really enjoyed the interactive session and picked up some useful tips for the exam. Can I check if you are running any other PSLE workshops soon please? Thank you! ❞
- Mrs. Kavita, Mother of P6 student.

PSLE Tamil Composition Workshop Fees

  • PSLE Tamil composition workshop : $150 (for 6 sessions)

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