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Tamilcube Learning Centre - Payment instructions

You can make NETS or cash payment at our Centres, direct payment through ATM transfer or online banking, or through Paypal from this website. Tamilcube is moving towards paperless transactions. Receipt will be issued through email only upon request.

Our bank account details:

Bank : DBS - Current Account
A/c No. : 008-903431-6
A/c Name : Comsys Technologies Pte. Ltd.
Bank code : 7171
Branch Code : 0008

Once direct payment is made, please alert us immediately via email / SMS the complete transaction details indicating the student's name.

Pay by Paypal

Even if you are not a Paypal member, it allows you to make payment using Credit / Debit cards.

One-time charges

Annual material fees - S$50.00
N2/K1/K2/Primary classes

N2/K1/K2/Primary - Registration fees (S$20) & Deposit (S$100) - Total : S$120.00
N2/K1/K2/Primary - Standard monthly charges - S$100.00
Secondary classes

Secondary - Registration fees (S$20) & Deposit (S$130) - Total : S$150.00
Secondary - Standard monthly charges - S$130.00
PSLE workshop

PSLE workshop - S$120.00
Tamil courses for Adults

Conversational Tamil course for adults - S$140.00
Online Classes

K1 to Secondary Online Class fees for 4 classes - S$220.00