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Tamil tuition Tamil tuition Singapore

Tamil tuition - Tamilcube Learning Centre, Singapore

Tamilcube Learning Centre, the largest and the first premium private institution in Singapore, is dedicated to the learning and teaching of Tamil language! With more than 10 years of experience, we bring modern, interactive, game based and blended learning to the reach of every Tamil student in Singapore. Join our Tamilcube GOLD™ Program today and experience how we make learning Tamil fun and easy!

We are committed to provide you a high quality and afforadble education at three convenient locations:

For those who prefer to attend Tamil classes from their home, we also conduct Tamil home tuition classes as Online Tamil class and One-to-one class which a student can attend from our Little India Centre.

We are delighted to announce the commencement of registration for 2017 for Tamil tuition classes for N2, K1, K2, Primary & Secondary students in Singapore. The registration at Little India, Bedok and Jurong East branches is ongoing now.

Tamilcube GOLD Program

Tamilcube GOLD™ Program

Our Tamil tuition classes for all levels are offered through our unique Tamilcube GOLD™ (Game-based Overall Language Development) Program. This program ensures that the children learn Tamil language skills quickly and easily through group activities and games in a funfilled environment. In addition to traditional classroom teaching, this program effectively utilises the benefits of modern digital and online technologies. By joining Tamilcube GOLD™ Program, in a short span of time, your child will be able to develop:
  • Undiminished Interest in learning Tamil language
  • Strong foundation in language skills
  • Multi-dimensional vocabulary
  • Confidence to converse in Tamil
  • Rapid grade improvement in school exams

Tamilcube GOLD™ on Vasantham TV Channel, Oli 96.8 Radio and Tamil Murasu

Do you want to know how Tamilcube GOLD™ was featured in Mediacorp's Vasantham Tamil News? View the following video.

Tamil Seithi: How to cope with exams during festivals

View Tamilcube video gallery

View the video below to know more about our Tamilcube GOLD™ program. This video is based our prmotion being aired by MedeiaCorp's Oli 96.8 Radio. Thanks to Jaynesh, Shamini and Bala for their lovely voices.

Tamilcube GOLD™ featured on Tamil Murasu

Tamilcube GOLD™ was featured on the first page of Tamil Murasu (Manavar Murasu) Newspaper.

Tamilcube on Tamil Murasu


❝My daughter enjoys the interactive Tamilcube GOLD™ class so much so that she herself recommends it to all her friends!❞
- Mrs Anu, Parent of K1 student.

❝My daughter has done very well in PSLE exam and achieved A*. Thanks to Tamilcube for the excellent intensive coaching!❞
- Mrs Vanitha, Parent of PSLE student.


Tamil tuition in Singapore

Why 100s of parents choose Tamilcube Learning Centre for Tamil tuition?

  • Tamilcube is founded by local teachers who understand the needs and expectations of every parent and student very clearly.
  • The children love the activity based Tamilcube GOLD™ program.
  • Tamilcube is the only Learning Centre that brings Blended Learning Program to your child through its World's first Tamil ELearning Platform, Tamilcube Academy. Using this Blended Learning approach, your child will reap all the benefits of both online and classroom learning.
  • We teach only one subject,Tamil, and we do it extremely well.
  • Through Game based interactive lessons, we make learning Tamil fun and easy.
  • We are the Publishers and Distributors of educational Tamil books and resources to Singapore schools. Additionally, we are the Course Provider to the Singapore Tamil teachers. Learning from us means you are learning Tamil from the True Experts!
  • Tamil classes for Primary and Secondary are conducted by Singapore MOE experienced and former MOE Tamil teachers with many years of teaching experience and very friendly attitude.
  • Tamil classes for pre-school children are conducted by local teachers with suitable qualification and experience in Early Childhood Education.
  • Easily accessible locations which are just two minutes walk from Little India, Jurong East and Bedok MRT stations.
  • Smaller class size with a maximum of 8 students per class.
  • Classrooms equipped with modern facilities offering a wonderful learning environment which your child will love.
  • Professionally prepared, high quality, teaching materials including worksheets and test papers. View / buy Tamil assessment books, worksheets & test papers.
  • We use high quality Tamil educational toys and Tamil learning games to make learning of Tamil language a fun filled experience. View / buy Tamil educational toys and games.
  • Free access to online materials and practice tests through our Tamil eLearning portal, Tamilcube Academy.
  • To suit your busy schedule, upto 4 time slots to choose from (week days as well as weekends).
  • Flexibility to take make up classes if you miss your regular class.
  • Monitor the progress of your child through our School Managemment System.
  • Visit our photo gallery and video gallery to see our centres in action!

Tamil tuition class

N2, K1 and K2 Tamil classes

N2, K1 and K2 Classes 2017.

Through the Tamilcube GOLD™ program, Your child will learn Tamil language rapidly and easily in a fun-filled environment. The skills learned will include :
  • Learning Tamil using Tamil educational toys and Tamil learning games.
  • Tamil speech and drama
  • Spoken Tamil practice
  • Learning of all Tamil alphabets
  • Reading and writing of useful Tamil words
  • Learning formation of Tamil sentences
  • Learning of Tamil rhymes
  • Tamil story telling
  • Read, write and speak in Tamil

View the video below to know more about our Nursery and Kindergarten Tamil programmes.

View Tamilcube video gallery

PSLE Tamil tuition

Primary 1 to Primary 6 Tamil tuition classes

Primary 1 to 6 tuition Classes 2017.

In addition to following MOE syllabus, your child will learn and practice the following skills:
  • Tamil speech and drama
  • Spoken Tamil practice
  • Tamil grammar practice
  • Tamil comprehension practice
  • Tamil creative writing practice
  • Tamil composition practice
  • Tamil vocabulary
  • Useful Tamil phrases
  • Tamil proverbs
  • Tamil composition intensive coaching
  • Tamil oral intensive coaching
  • PSLE Tamil intensive coaching

PSLE Tamil High Achievers Programme

Do you think your child is ready for the challenge of scoring A* in PSLE Tamil? Our experienced teachers are waiting to join hands with you in the journey to make your dream come true. Tamilcube's PSLE Tamil High Achievers Programme is not for everyone. Only those students who pass our screening will be admitted into it. Intensive coaching in Tamil Composition, Comprehension and Higher Tamil will be provided. The class is conducted on Fridays from 6:30 to 8 pm at all our centres.

Tamil holiday programmes

Join Tamilcube's fun-filled holiday learning experiences to enrich your child's language skills today! We have lined up exciting programmes such as Tamil Speech & Drama, Primary 1 Tamil preparatory class, Tamil Creative Writing and Tamil Composition Writing for all Tamil students of Nursery, Kindergarten and Primary levels.


PSLE Tamil workshop

PSLE Tamil workshop (P6 & P5)

P5/P6 workshop:
Don't miss our special intensive PSLE Tamil workshops catered to equip the students with the skills and knowledge to achieve high scores. These workshops will be immensely helpful to P6 and P5 students. Some of the major sessions of our PSLE workshops are :
  • PSLE Tamil composition workshop
  • PSLE Tamil Oral practice workshop
  • PSLE Tamil Comprehension workshop

Secondary Tamil tuition

Secondary 1 to Secondary 4 Tamil tuition classes

Secondary tuition Classes 2017.
In addition to following MOE syllabus, your child will learn and practice the following skills:
  • Tamil grammar practice
  • Tamil vocabulary
  • Useful Tamil phrases
  • Tamil composition intensive coaching
  • Tamil oral intensive coaching
  • O-Level Tamil intensive coaching

O-Level Tamil workshop

O-Level Tamil workshop (Secondary 3 & 4)

O-Level workshop:
Our O-Level Tamil workshops are catered to equip the students with the skills and knowledge to achieve A*. These workshops will be immensely helpful to Secondary 3 and 4 students. Some of the major sessions of our O-Level workshops are :
  • O-Level Tamil composition workshop
  • O-Level Tamil Oral practice workshop
  • O-Level Tamil Comprehension workshop

Conversational Tamil

Conversational Tamil for Adults

Conversational Tamil course.
This course will be immensely helpful to non-Tamil speakers who want to learn basic Tamil. This is a short course of 8 sessions, offered in English, that helps learning and practicing of the following skills:
  • Tamil alphabets
  • Tamil reading
  • Tamil writing
  • Tamil vocabulary
  • Useful Tamil phrases
  • Spoken Tamil

Parents Briefing

From time to time, Tamilcube Learning Centre conducts parents briefing to equip them with the skills and knowledge to coach their children. More...

Tuition Fees

Tamilcube GOLD™ celebrates its 10th Anniversary in 2017. As part of our celeberations, we are delighted to offer you discounts on the fees as below!

Class Fees
Nursery, K1, K2, P1, P2, P3 and P4 (for 4 classes) S$150 $120
P5 and P6 (for 4 classes) S$180 $150
PSLE High Achievers Programme (for 4 classes) S$200 $150
Secondary (for 4 classes) S$180 $150
One-to-one class [online or classroom](for 4 classes) S$320 $280
Conversational Tamil course for Adults (per 8 classes) S$400 $360
Registration fees S$40 $0.00
Annual material fees S$50 $0.00
Refundable Deposit One month fees
[Only one child from a family pays the deposit. No deposit needed for siblings.]

Class schedule

Branch location and class schedule : Online Classes | Little India | Jurong East | Bedok 

Register for Tamilcube GOLD™ 2017 classes now!

Only limited seats are available! Get Registration Fee of $40 waived when you register before 31st December 2016. To join now, Call 66186567 / Whatsapp 98501472 or register online now!

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Are you ready to get your child experience the modern game based interactive learning? Call 66186567 / Whatsapp 98501472 or book a trial class online now!

Free trial classes are available every week. Branch location and class schedule : Online Classes | Little India | Jurong East | Bedok 

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Singapore 218560.
(Near Little India MRT station)

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E-mail: hitamil@tamilcube.com

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